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Makrolite II – new full HD video inspection with outstanding image quality & contrast

By Novembre 12, 2018Non categorizzato

Makrolite II – new full HD video inspection with comprehensive dimensioning software for reporting.

Vision Engineering Ltd. is pleased to introduce a new full HD 1080p digital inspection system, designed for a wide range of environments and applications with outstanding image quality and range of stand options.

Makrolite II delivers full HD (1080p) imaging with optimum colour and contrast, with comprehensive software providing dimensioning, and features such as CAD file importation allowing inspection with CAD overlay.

Limitless preset zoom levels for quick inspection supports users who have to inspect a wide range of components regularly. This function will save you time, where you can save your zoom settings for each component you inspect.

Ideal for production environments and quality control, Makrolite II allows operators to inspect, analyse and report on defects, and annotate and mark-up their findings using PC software such as Excel, and export for reporting.

The 30:1 zoom ratio, with up to 240mm field of view and up to 230x magnification deliver a high-end digital inspection system for inspecting a wide range of component parts